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Terry and Deb Heart have been turning wood for four years. Before starting their latest phase in life, Terry retired from the vending business he owned and operated for twenty years. Before vending, Terry spent fifteen years in the computer industry where he worked as a field technician and manager for a large Fortune 500 company.

Deb spent over 30 years in law enforcement before Terry drug her kicking and screaming into woodturning where she found a new passion. Both now spend their days chasing down wood leads, harvesting wood destined for landfills, and making beautiful wood items suitable for daily use or display.

All wood offered by Heartswoods is recycled from trees being taken down by local wood companies. Much of the wood comes from the Sacramento metro area, but Terry and Deb have been known to travel great distances to obtain beautiful, unusual, figured woods.  If interested in our products, please view our Gallery pages.  Feel free to contact us at heartswoods01@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Burls in the truck
Burls in the truck

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. I am looking for a woodturner to create a custom bowl
    10″ top diameter
    4″ base diameter
    6″ height

    It will be used as a mould prototype for glass casting. Also, need a bit of carving done to the outside if possible. We are in Placerville, CA

    Cathy Porter
    Forever Glass

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