Terry at SFAC

Though it’s been a while since the last post, we haven’t been idle.  Terry entered his “Blue Lagoon” platter in the Sacramento Fine Arts “Off the Wall” competition and was accepted!   The exhibit runs through the end of March.  Come out and see it if you’re in the area.

We’ve also been hard at work processing the silver maple and blue oak we picked up last year.  All silver maple is off the back deck and we’re mid-way through the oak – whew!  Can’t wait to start working on boxes and threaded lids!!

"Green" silver maple turned to rough shape.
“Green” silver maple turned to rough shape.

A New Year

Well, craft fair season is over and it’s on to processing the piles of wood we harvested this fall.  We’re very excited as the silver maple shows a lot of curl and chatoyancy.  The heal overs we salvaged from Dan and Louise’s blue oak are showing amazing burl action!  Terry’s been calling it “American Spaghetti wood.”  I located a black oak burl that was started as a hollow form and flipped it over due to the burn and bug damage at the bottom of the form.  Started hollowing it and hope it turns out as great as it promises.

This year will be my year to perfect my box forms and learn to create threads so I can have threaded lids for my boxes.  Terry’s working on his artistic forms.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!!  I also plan to enter his forms in art competitions in an effort to build his resume.

Finally, we consigned several pieces to the Sacramento Fine Arts Center’s gift shop. Check out their link at http://www.sacfinearts.org.  They really liked our work when we were at their craft fair in December.  We’re hoping they sell!!

Happy New Year!